Bakery Training

Everyday Bakery Training Institute was founded with the mission of cultivating talented bakers who will contribute to the world of artisanal baked goods.
Our comprehensive training program encompasses a blend of informative classroom sessions, hands-on demonstrations, and ample practice sessions in a well-equipped bakery environment. To ensure personalized attention and mentorship, we keep our class sizes small, fostering a conducive learning atmosphere. We are dedicated to equipping our students with the knowledge and practical experience they need to excel as skilled bakers, while introducing them to the art and science of baking delicious and artisanal bread and pastries.

Course Details

Course duration of 15 days (3 hours/day)

70% of Bakery Training is based on practical training


Bakery Training Program

  • Exploring the Origins of Baking
  • The World of Baking Ingredients
  • The Art of Baking Techniques
  • Mastering Baking Equipment
  • Creating the Perfect Baked Goods
  • Crafting Artful Pastry Creations
  • Maintaining Bakery Hygiene and Safety
  • Providing Outstanding Customer Service
  • Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety in the Bakery